Why persumedia?

Who we are

PersuMedia is a lean and agile firm created by a unique group of communications professionals with decades experience in traditional and new media, international business, geopolitical/country analysis, not to mention the arts and humanities.   All of our principals have lived, worked, and traveled extensively in the Middle East and North Africa, combining deep cultural knowledge with advanced degrees in social science disciplines to design intelligent client solutions.   At PersuMedia our managers and analysts work in both the global media environment and that of the target language, whether Farsi, Arabic, Turkish, or Chinese ensuring that we are not biased by a parochial or popular spin of events.   Our experience frees us from reliance on prepackaged systems or methods, allowing us to work closely with clients to jointly develop and execute creative communications strategies to maximize opportunities and mitigate risk.   

  1. Proven experts at strategic media planning, production, and management
  2. Project catalysts skilled at bringing together and coordinating teams of subject matter experts in traditional/new media, academia, the intelligence and defense communities, and cyber/technical fields
  3. Tailored solutions to meet specific client needs
  4. Combined academic and practical  experience for more realistic assessments and policy/strategy recommendations
  5. Creative problem solvers who constantly study and mine the breadth of human experience and knowledge for new insights  
  6. High impact, cost effective solutions
  7. And…we’re the most passionate and dedicated team you’ll ever meet!