PersuMedia is a lean and agile firm created by a unique group of communications professionals with decades of experience in traditional and new media, international business, geopolitical/country analysis, not to mention the arts and humanities. Our experience frees us from reliance on prepackaged systems or methods, allowing us to work closely with clients to jointly develop and execute creative communications strategies to maximize opportunities and mitigate risk. PersuMedia strives to make your organization a more informed and effective player in an increasingly volatile and unpredictable world.

Our managers and analysts work in both the global media environment and that of the target language, whether Farsi, Arabic, Turkish, or Chinese ensuring that we are not biased by a parochial or popular spin of events. All of our principals have lived, worked, and traveled extensively in the Middle East and North Africa, combining deep cultural knowledge with advanced degrees in social science disciplines to design intelligent client solutions.



Core Capabilities  



PersuMedia’s approach to analysis does not stop at descriptions of the status quo.  As Strategic Communications specialists, our analysts draw on a wealth of cultural, academic, social science disciplines, and practical experience to prescribe and guide informed and intelligent action in the operating environment.  We track and interpret current trends in historical and theoretical context, forecasting potential social, political, and economic scenarios and recommending interventions to influence or mitigate outcomes.  


Artificial Intelligence

PersuMedia Artificial Intelligent unit provides novel Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions for complex political, socioeconomic, and social media communication strategies. We combine vast domain knowledge in social science disciplines and practical experience with highest expertise in the AI and ML realm. We have novel cloud-based Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions set for the most complex social media analyses. Our Data, AI and ML products encapsulate both general purpose applications and highly customized solutions for our clients. We do cross the border of languages and regions, and offer many brands; such as, U.S. brand and MENA brand.



PersuMedia recognizes that any strategy must be dynamic and adaptable while adhering to a guiding vision. PersuMedia helps clients develop communications strategies on the digital and personal level that reduce opposition and resistance and encourages allies and adversaries alike to accept, negotiate, or compromise for win-win solutions.   We’re not out to “beat” anyone, but to help clients create partnerships and opportunities for mutually beneficial policy goals and greater human and economic development.   



PersuMedia’s guiding principle in every media production is to always respect the intelligence of the audience! Whether it’s detailed position papers and presentations for Think Tank seminars, documentaries, public service announcements, interactive website design, or Twitter feeds, Instagram memes, and punchy TikTok video, PersuMedia can either advise clients on intelligent ways to engage audiences, or we can handle the production, dissemination, and management from A to Z.   

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Why Choose us?

At PersuMedia we believe that Strategic Communications is about more than pushing a “message” through digital or social media space. Communicating strategically is a dynamic and interactive process, one that integrates digital/traditional media with face to face, personal networks to analyze, engage, and shape operating environments. 

Strategic communications is not only about changing opinions and attitudes, it is about creating the virtual and real world opportunity space in which opinions and attitudes can be acted upon. Only through this full-spectrum engagement can policymakers and investors track and identify opportunities and challenges that often fly below the radar of Big Data or other macro analytic models. 

Proven experts at strategic media planning, production, and management.

Project catalysts skilled at bringing together and coordinating teams of subject matter experts in traditional/new media, academia, the intelligence and defense communities, and cyber/technical fields.

Combined academic and practical experience for more realistic assessments and policy/strategy recommendations

Dynamic team of native Persian and Arabic language subject matter experts (SMEs) for actionable analysis and effective strategies at the speed of media.

High impact, cost effective solutions

And…we’re the most passionate and dedicated team you’ll ever meet!