Early Detection of the Mahsa Amini Protests

Opinion AI is one of the advanced AI solutions developed by PersuMedia’s AI firm, Quantum Politics. It measures the sentiment in indigenous Iranian media towards defined issues.

Below are examples of Opinion AI’s early detection of increasing pessimism toward key developments before the outbreak of the Mahsa Amini protests of the Fall of 2022.

Domestic Fissures

In August 2022, about a month before the protests began, Opinion AI detected a significant increase in pessimism towards Social Justice, Distribution of Power, and Economic Policies as key debates related to Domestic Fissures and Calls for Reform in official and semi-official Iranian media outlets.

Women’s Issues

Starting in July 2022, PersuMedia detected increased pessimism towards Women’s Issues among Iranian pundits. This trend continued and reached new heights by the end of August 2022 and through September. Opinion AI measured Access to Political Process, Economic Opportunities for Women, and Religious and Cultural Constraints as dominant topics discussed by Iranian pundits.

Stability of the Nezam

Opinion AI detected a significant increase in pessimism towards the Stability of the Nezam starting in August 2022. The rapid increase in the level of pessimism continued throughout the month and carried on after the protests that started in mid-September 2022. Public Trust, Ideology of the Nezam, Competence of the Nezam, and Political Legitimacy were the main topics that Opinion AI measured.

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